Room: Continental 5&6, Hilton San Francisco Union Square

Presenting Thursday – Friday

Poster Presenters noted with * are Student Fellows.

EpiVax, Inc.

S1.       Computational Identification of Self-Like Neoantigens Enables to Rapid Design of Immunogenic Cancer Vaccines; Presented by Dominique B.

immunoSCAPE Pte. Ltd.

S2.       Leveraging the Multi-Parametric Profiling by Mass Cytometry to Identify and Deeply Characterize Tumor-Reactive T Cells; Presented by David R.

Mayo Clinic

S3.       Bacterial Single Cell Whole Transcriptome Amplification in Microfluidic Platform Shows Gene Expression Heterogeneity; Presented by Yuguang L.


S4.       Fast and Efficient Detection of Rare Cells Using CMOS-Based Low-Cost Quantum Dot Camera; Presented by Aihua F.


S5.       High Sensitivity Measurements of Cell-Free DNA Using the PerkinElmer NGS 3K Assay; Presented by Natalia R.

Promega Corporation

S6.       Measurement of Target Cell-Specific Killing Using a Novel Highly Sensitive Bioluminescent Assay; Presented by Neal C.

RNAssist Ltd.

S7.       A Novel Tissue Fixation and Dissociation Approach for Generating Higher Quality scRNA-Seq Data; Presented by Andrew G.

University of Hong Kong

S8.       Rapid Detection of Pyrazinamide Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Respiratory Specimens Using pncA PCR Sequencing; Presented by Kingsley T.*

University of Strasbourg

S9.       MicroOmiX Tech: Advanced Singe-Cell Droplet Technologies for Simultaneous Transriptomic and Proteomic Analyses; Presented by Sylvain U.

University of Strasbourg

S10.     MicroOmiX Tech: In-Droplets Zymography - Detection of Active MMPs Secretion at the Single-Cell Level; Presented by Alain W.

Wonwkang University

S11.     Surveillance of Avian Influenza Virus in Wild Birds; Presented by Hyun P.