2021 Poster Titles coming in January.


2020 Poster Titles

Poster Presenters noted with * are Student Fellows.

AbbVie, Inc.
1.         Deep Learning Applications in Advancing Drug Development; Presented by Liuqing Y.

Academia Sinica
2.         Integrated Devices for Rare Cell Isolation and Sensing; Presented by Peilin C.

Academia Sinica
3.         A Panel of Anti-Influenza Virus Nucleoprotein Antibodies Selected from Phage-Displayed Synthetic Antibody Libraries with Rapid Diagnostic Capability to Distinguish Diverse Influenza Virus Subtypes; Presented by An-Suei Y.

AligND Systems AB
4.         Enhanced Fluorescence Detection of Proteins Using Nanowires; Presented by Søren E.

AligND Systems AB
5.         Fluorescence Signal Enhancement Using Lightguiding Nanowires for Biosensing Applications; Presented by Søren E.

Amgen, Inc.
6.         Integrated Tool Suite for Biologics Design Enables High-Throughput Drug Discovery; Presented by Michelle H.

Amgen, Inc.
7.         Development of Informatics Pipeline for Screening Analysis via High Throughput Affinity Mass Spectrometry; Presented by Dylan O.

AmpTec GmbH
8.         Synthetic mRNAs in Multiple Clinical Trials: AmpTec as Manufacturer of High Quality GMP-Grade Synthetic mRNAs; Presented by Guido K.

AMS Biotechnology (Europe) Ltd.
9.         ONCO-Chip3D Technology: A Microfluidic Platform for Physiologically Relevant Drug Screening and Precision Medicine; Presented by Alexander S.

Aspen Biosciences
10.       The Secret Names of Things: Using Metadata to Improve Pharmaceutical Collaboration; Presented by Mark F.

Avacta Life Sciences
11.       Turning a Negative to a Positive with Anti-Metatype Affimer® Reagents; Presented by Matt J.

Aventior, Inc.
12.       Unstructured Data Extraction and Metadata Management Using AI Based Tools - DRIP and CPV; Presented by Abhijit R.

Aventior, Inc.
13.       Digital Pathology: Label Extraction Using AI; Presented by Abhijit R.

14.       BioIVT Triple Format (FFPE/FF, CNB/FNA) Specimen Collection for Diagnostic Assay Development; Presented by Lauren M.

15.       Metrics for Assessing Biospecimen Selection and Processing for Successful NGS Outcomes; Presented by Tracey Z.

Bioneer Corporation
16.       High-Throughput Cell-Free DNA Extraction System for Biopsy; Presented by Yeaseong H.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
17.       Biomarker 360: Empowering Knowledge and Data Driven Biomarker Decision Making to Drive Translational Medicine; Presented by Christopher W.

Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
18.       Development of Multiplexed CRISPR-Based Diagnostics for Tick-Borne Disease; Presented by Jon A.*

Centre Hospitalier Andrée Rosemon
19.       Implementation of POCT in Public Health Centers in French Guiana; Presented by Alexandra M.

Claret Bioscience LLC
20.       SRSLY™: An Efficient, Single-Strand Ligation-Based Approach for NGS Library Preparation from Highly Fragmented DNA; Presented by Varsha R.

Creatv MicroTech, Inc.
21.       Circulating Stromal Cells and Cell Free DNA Increases Sensitivity in Profiling Oncogenic Mutations While Indicating Highly Aggressive Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer; Presented by Daniel A.

Creatv MicroTech, Inc.
22.       Training and Validation for Sequential Monitoring of Circulating Stromal Cells for Predicting Progression in NSCLC Cancer Patients Undergoing Definitive Radiotherapy; Presented by Daniel A.

DiaCarta, Inc.
23.       XNA-Based OptiSeq Dual Cancer Panel, a Highly Sensitive and Reproducible Method for Early Detection of Cancer; Presented by Zhen C.

DiaCarta, Inc.
24.       A Highly Sensitive and User-Friendly Assay for BRAF V600 Mutation Detection; Presented by Yulei S.

DiaCarta, Inc.
25.       A Novel XNA-Based Multiplex qPCR Panel Assay for Colorectal Cancer Mutation Detection; Presented by Qing S.

Duke University
26.       A Low-Cost Point of Care Diagnostic Fluorescent Microarray Scanner; Presented by Jason L.*

Duke University
27.       Detecting the Decoy: D4 Immunoassay Targeting Ebola's Secreted Glycoprotein Yields Earlier than PCR Detection of Infection; Presented by Cassio F.*

Duke University
28.       Cellular and Molecular Credentialing of Breast Tumor HER2 Status Using a Cell Phone; Presented by Jacob H.*

Duke University
29.       A Portable Point-of-Care Platform for Rapid Diagnosis and Screening of Fungal Talaromycosis Infection; Presented by David K.*

Duke University
30.       Point-of-Care Plasmonically Enhanced Immunoassay for Early Detection of Heart Failure; Presented by Daria S.*

Food and Drug Administration
31.       In Vitro Modeling of Circulating Tumor Cells Towards Novel Cancer Biomarkers; Presented by Julianne T.

Forschungszentrum Jülich
32.       Small-Molecule Modulators of TRMT2a Decrease PolyQ Aggregation and PolyQ-Induced Cell Death; Presented by Michael M.*

Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc.
33.       Virtual Screening to Discover Probable Compounds' Spaces Based on Mixture of Mutated Exemplars and Bioassay Existence Ratio; Presented by Takashi I.

Horizon Discovery
34.       A Comparison of Different Formats of DNA Reference Standards Commutable with Solid and Liquid Biopsy Samples for Cancer Genomic Profiling; Presented by Jesse S.

Horizon Discovery
35.       Development of cfDNA Reference Standards that Are Compatible with Commonly Used Extraction Methods and Molecular Assays; Presented by Julie W.

36.       Immuno-Phenotyping of Tumor-Specific CD8 T Cells Using High-Dimensional Mass Cytometry; Presented by Brian A.

37.       Impact of Tumour Genomic Characteristics on Healthcare Resource Utilisation and Real-World Outcomes in Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Real World Study Using Linked Whole Genome-Clinical Databases; Presented by Mike G.

Johns Hopkins University
38.       Bisulfite-Converted Duplexes for the Strand-Specific Detection and Quantification of Rare Mutations; Presented by Austin M.*

Keen Eye Technologies
39.       Diagnosing and Subtyping Lung Cancer Using Deep Learning on Whole Slide Images; Presented by Sylvain B.

Koo Foundation Sun-Yat Sen Cancer Center
40.       Circulating Tumor DNA as a Prognostic Biomarker in Metastatic Breast Cancer; Presented by Yong W.

Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials
41.       Microfluidic Condensation Sampler for Collection of Nanoscale Airborne Particles; Presented by Kwanoh K.

LCM Biosensor Technologies
42.       Monitoring Osmotic Pressure of Intercellular Substance in Prevention of Chronic Disease; Presented by Ramil M.

43.       The World's Most Compact Complete Blood Count Prototype Ever Built; Presented by Christopher A.

NanoView Biosciences
44.       Exosome Biomarkers: Multiparametric Characterization and Phenotypic Analysis; Presented by Clayton D.

National University of Singapore
45.       Companion Diagnostics for Trastuzumab-Based Neoadjuvant Therapy - Two Is Better than One; Presented by Yoon Pin L.

New York Genome Center
46.       GenomeDiver - Keeping the Human in the Loop; Presented by Christian S.

Nottingham Trent University
47.       The Design and Development of Electronic Textiles for Health Monitoring Applications; Presented by Theodore H.

48.       Comparative Study of Matrix Effects and Extraction Methods on Assay Sensitivity Validation Samples Contrived with Human Plasma; Presented by Aihua F.

49.       Achieving State-of-the-Art Nucleic-Acid Detection Accuracy in qPCR with Help of Deep Convolutional Machines Learning Neural Networks; Presented by Aihua F.

50.       High Yield Cell Free DNA Capture and Diagnositics with Molecularly Engineered Magnetic Nanoparticles; Presented by Aihua F.

RareCyte, Inc.
51.       Validation of an Assay to Detect Programmed Death-Ligand 1 (PD-L1) Expression on Circulating Tumor Cells; Presented by Adrian Q.

RealSeq Biosciences, Inc.
52.       Highly Sensitive Direct Quantification of cf-microRNAs for Biomarker Profiling by Next Generation Sequencing (NGS); Presented by Sergio B.

Sandia National Laboratories
53.       Thermodynamic Predictions of Primer Interactions and Impact on LAMP Assay Performance; Presented by Robert M.

54.       An Automated Workflow to Identify Suitable Targets for Physics-Based Drug Discovery; Presented by Felicia G.

Seegene, Inc.
55.       Analytical Performance and Workflow Comparisons of Seegene's Automation Platforms; Presented by Mira K.

Seegene, Inc.
56.       The Development of Cloud-Based Statistical Software for Monitoring Results of Multiplex Syndromic Assays; Presented by Eugene K.

Sookmyung Women’s University
57.       Target Prediction and Validation of Benzo[b]tellurophenes as a Potential Histone H3 Lysine 9 Demethylase (KDM4) Inhibitor; Presented by Yoon-Jung K.*

Sookmyung Women’s University
58.       Network-Based Drug Repositioning Approaches of Phenoxazine-Linked Thiourea Analogues for Prevention of Osteoclastogenesis; Presented by Eun L.*

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
59.       Using mHealth Apps to Improve Care for Patients with Sickle Cell Disease: Design of the mHealth Embedded in the Care of Sickle Cell Patients Who Take Hydroxyurea (mESH) Trial; Presented by Jane H.

Stanford University
60.       A Magnetoresistive Biosensor Assay for Detecting Circulating Tumor DNA in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer; Presented by Katie A.*

Thermo Fisher Scientific
61.       Development of an Expanded Microsatellite Instability Panel with Automated Data Analysis; Presented by Charles B.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
62.       Specific Capture of Nucleic Acids for Molecular Diagnostics and mRNA-Based Therapeutics Applications Using Dynabeads™; Presented by Laure J.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
63.       Next Generation DNase for Ultimate Performance in Therapeutic, IVD and Molecular Biology Applications; Presented by Samantha L.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
64.       Single-Use Based BioProduction Process for Manufacturing of High Quality Recombinant Enzymes for mRNA and DNA Workflows; Presented by Samantha L.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
65.       A High-Throughput Approach for Multi-Omic Testing for Prostate Cancer Research; Presented by Christopher T.

Tohoku University
66.       Development of Ingestible Sensor Platform Based on Gastric Acid Battery; Presented by Shinya Y.

University of Chicago
67.       Using Indication Embeddings to Represent Patient Health for Drug Safety Studies; Presented by Rachel M.

University of Georgia
68.       Tumor Antigen-Independent and Cell Size Variation-Inclusive Enrichment of Viable Circulating Tumor Cells; Presented by Yang L.*

Vortex Biosciences, Inc.
69.       An Integrated Workflow for the Automated Isolation, High Throughput Identification, Enumeration and Characterization of Circulating Tumor Cells; Presented by Corinne R.

Wainamics, Inc.
70.       Critical Components for Lab-on-a-Chip Product Development; Presented by Ming T.

X Gen US Co.
71.       Novel Transposase Accelerates Liquid Biopsy Tests for cfDNA, cfRNA and CTCs; Presented by Andreas T.

Ubiquitome Limited
72.       COVID-19 Detection with the Liberty16; Presented by Max S.

Ubiquitome Limited
73.       Early PPR Viral Outbreak Detection with Fast, Mobile Real Time PCR Liberty16 System; Presented by Max S.

Ubiquitome Limited
74.       3-Minute Prep from ArcisBio with Mobile Detection of S. aureus and K. pneumoniae in Blood, Urine and Saliva Using Real-Time qPCR with the Liberty16; Presented by Max S.

IVDiagnostics, Inc.
75.       CTC Study Using Velox Blood Assay in Peripheral Blood from Normal, Benign and Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients and Its Potential for Monitoring Other Cancers; Presented by Frank S.